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For the HARDCORE homies out there, this mighty block of cacao is packed with potency. Well, I mean... it's the same cacao as the drops, but it's like a MILLION TIMES MORE, meaning that if you're a fiend like me, you'll never run short! WOOHOO! We recommend a 30g serving to start - so make sure you've got a kitchen scale handy. You can just lop a bit off with a knife or shave some off like I do at home.

The STRAIGHT up, CLEANEST Cacao you can get (insert droooooooool face here). This ceremonial cacao comes to you straight from the Amazonian forest, infused with love and HIGH-VIBES every step of the way.

Not only does this cacao TASTE amazing, but it has MANY health benefits you can read about here.

If you're a sucker for extra info, here's what you need to know, straight from our suppliers, Seleno Health:

"Made only from the virgin crop, meaning the first crop of the tree and hand-selected pods. Our ceremonial cacao is a fermented and full bean, generated from milling the whole bean into a creamy, rich paste following ancient traditions. It contains all the antioxidants and bioactive of the whole bean, with beautiful rich aromatic oils to make a therapeutic, creamy elixir once mixed into hot water. Tested and shown to contain the highest levels of theobromine (uplifting), ethanolamides (bliss), tryptophan (joy), tryptamine (euphoria), phenylethylamine (satisfaction), polyphenols (clarity), magnesium (stress), zinc (immune) and other essential minerals. The most therapeutic quality cacao you can find, ideal for ceremonial use and health benefits.


We provide the highest quality, pure ceremonial cacao so you can feel the love too! We personally source our beans from Peru (see our farm here) to find the most potent, therapeutic & flavor-rich cacao possible.


Every batch is tested and shown to be safe from heavy metals and cadmium. We go beyond fair trade and work exclusively with one family farm that uses sustainable natural agroforestry practices (see here). Our cacao is artisanally grown, fermented and dried (<50 deg), while maintaining neutral acidity to provide the best aroma and taste."