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The Cacao Starter Pack is PERFECT for those who are new (or new-ish) to the world of Cacao.

Not only does this starter pack include the most delicious ORGANIC and SUSTAINABLE Cacao and a pack of Cacao & Maca Powder (we support SELENO HEALTH cacao!), but it also includes two video masterclasses teaching you all about cacao and how to prepare it, so that you actually know what you're doing (and why you're doing it). 

Plus, your Start Pack also includes a prayer to bless your cacao with, AND a guided meditation to help you create and set an intention for your ceremony.

ON TOP of all this, you will also receive a specially cultivated playlist to help you embark on a journey to infinity and BEYOND, along with a SPECIAL, LIMITED EDITION Spirit Shop Mug!


250g Organic Ceremonial Cacao
125g Organic Chocolate Maca Powder
Limited Edition SPIRIT SHOP Mug
CACAO Video Masterclass
Ceremonial CACAO Video Cooking Class + Recipe (Learn how to prepare your brew!)
Guided Intention setting Meditation + Opening Prayer
Playlist (updated monthly!)

Every aspect of this starter pack has been cultivated with LOVE. We can't wait to hear about your experience!

Lets get LIT.
Spirit Shop x