Here at Spirit Shop, we've dedicated a HUUUUGE part of our lives to cultivating the BEST cacao for all of you fiends - but did you know that there is SO much more to it, than just a lovely (somewhat) chocolatey taste?

Whether you're brand new to cacao, or you love it as much as we do, this velvety drink holds within it the ability to help you TRANSFORM.

It is a big part of our mission here at Spirit Shop to help re-educate people about cacao, so buckle up & let's get to it! For deeper info and greater learning, you can grab one of our Cacao Ceremony Starter Packs, which include masterclasses that teach you all about cacao and how to prepare it, along with some delish ceremonial cacao, a limited edition mug, a prayer + meditation, AND a wild playlist to help you take your ceremonies to the next level.

Cacao is a superfood, a plant medicine, a yummer-than-yum experience. But, at the core of it all, Ceremonial Cacao is made from the seeds of the cacao tree. Rather than your standard chocolate (which is ulltraaa processed), ceremonial cacao is literally just the beans that have been smooshed into a paste (very technical terms, we know). Nothing more and nothing less is added, ensuring the purity of this brew. 

When I (Jacqui) had my first cacao ceremony, I was TOTALLY that person googling whether it's a psychedelic. It isn't, HA. Though, it can definitely heighten your awareness of different frequencies and positively affect your moods. Cacao contains a bunch of high-level chemical compounds that support your energy and your state, as well as improve your overall health and well-being. In a ceremonial setting, we work with Cacao to help us deepen our connection to ourselves and the world. Everything kind of just feels.... super blissed out. 

A cacao ceremony is an experience that not only honours the ancient traditions of cacao in a way that is respectful to the culture, time and land that it originates from, but opens up space for you to connect with your SELF. In modern times, there is so much RUSH and HUSTLE, that we often forget that we are actually here to experience the beauty of the only moment that every really exists... The PRESENT. A cacao ceremony offers you the time and space to turn off from the outside world and to tune into your INSIDE one. You can open up a general ceremony, allowing you to simply feel the effects of cacao and relax and unwind for a bit, or you can create a dedicated ceremony with an intended direction. For example, you can use your ceremony time to ask for guidance or wisdom around something that you are going through, or to experience a higher level of love, or simply to clear and stuck or repressed emotion within you. There are no hard and fast rules on what you can or cannot do - we do just encourage you to honour the cacao for what it is - a SACRED, ANCIENT plant medicine - and not as just something to drink when you're bored.

We GRATEFULLY support Seleno Heatlh, the love-child of Corin and Sally. They're cacao is of the absolute highest quality, is organic, and is sustainably sourced - both from the forest AND from the farmers who grow Cacao. They're as farm-to-table as you can get, aaannnddd the cacao is pure & simple tasty A F. You can read more about them here.


If you're ready to explore the magic that cacao has to offer, check out our CACAO STARTER PACK.