Spirit Shop is the high-vibe love-child of personal + spiritual development coach & mentor, Jacqui Sive.  Blending spirituality with practicality, these tools are designed to take you HIGHER.

In May of 2021, Jacqui was sitting on the floor of a tiny off-the-grid glamping cabin in the middle of the woods near Rotorua, New Zealand. She was looking lovingly into her mug of cacao, wondering how she could get the potent power of it to the masses - in the hope that it would benefit them as much as it had benefited her. Like a lightning bolt from the Universe, she was shown a vision. A gangsta A-F shop that not only stocked cacao, but a handful of other specially chosen spiritual tools that help the lives of others in a variety of ways. Whether to connect during meditation, to smash a morning routine, to cleanse + clear the space of bad vibes, to ground into the present, to get to know oneself more... It's all here.
We are NOT some big-ass chain store (no hate). Spirit Shop is a locally owned + operated small business that takes AN EFF load of care in EVERYTHING that we do. From the products themselves to the way your package looks, our LOVE and GOOD VIBES go into every single part of the process - from our heart to yours.

Jacqui Sive is an international speaker, transformational event leader, coach and mentor to women who are ready to remember who they truly ARE. It is not her job to 'show' you anything - simply, to remind you of what you've forgotten. Jacqui believes that you are your OWN guru, your OWN healer, your OWN guide. Her job is to help you come back to your SELF, and lead your life from the ultimate alignment of truth.

Women from all over the world work with Jacqui to go beyond building a positive mindset & learning positive affirmations. The space is one of deep internal inquiry, radical self responsibility, and ultimate self-sovereignty. She combines spirituality with ‘new-age’ psychotherapeutic tools to help you to find clarity in the chaos, alchemise fear into faith, move on from your past & turn your wounds into wisdom, and sit in witness with the darkest parts of you - so that you can FINALLY heal.

Her mission is to help women connect with their deepest truth - and ACT on it.

As a guide, she is able to connect with Higher Consciousness, enabling her to assist you in finding your emotional, energetic, physical and mental blindspots that are blocking your evolution & growth.

Jacqui's work is engrained in the fundamentals of Quantum Physics, Neuroscience, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Energy Work, The 12 Universal Laws, Spiritual Healing and Mindset Coaching.

She lives in New Zealand, and if she isn't being a personal/spiritual development junkie, you'll find her reading, hiking in nature, or trying to hug all the dogs she can find.